Protecting My Peace (and my coffee) Vacuum Insulated Bottle

$25 $30
Color: Navy

Cold thank you! You deserve to keep the hot drinks hot and the cold drinks cold. 

Treat Yourself INTENTIONALLY! Your Peace is priceless...protect it at all costs (and this is just 30 bucks). 

Vacuum insulation is a big deal if you care about beverage temperature change. Double-wall construction means that hot liquids can remain hot up to 12 hours while colder choices can last a full 48 hours; that’s two whole days. Furthermore, these bottles are condensation-proof - no sweating or slipping. Built to fit standard vehicle cup holders, the stainless steel sides are both scratch and fade resistant.

.: Spill-proof
.: Scratch and fade resistant
.: 22oz (0.65 l)
.: One size: 10.6" in height, 2.9" in width
.: Note: semi-transparent design elements do not always render correctly on dark-colored bottles

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